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10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Our happiest versions of ourselves are the ones who can achieve great things. Historically, research has focused primarily on understanding depression and lowered emotional states, but more recently attention is moving towards understanding happiness. What is happiness? How can we be happier, more often? How important is happiness in resilient people? These 10 points provide a basic roadmap to achieving your happy state. Enjoy!

Self: I know who I am, and I like myself.

‘Happiness is your original nature’— when you’re younger, you only know your own reality. It’s the only true insight you have at that stage of your life, before you start identifying different aspects of life and comparing yourself to others. True happiness comes from within. The better you know yourself and what you love, the happier you will be. 

‘Happiness is your spiritual DNA’. Listen to your thoughts and your feelings, and be encouraged to accept who you are. You can only control so much, so let go of your ideals and fears. Welcome yourself to a world of self-acceptance! In doing so, you will increase your happiness and prove that you’re a strong individual. You know yourself better and can say “I like and love myself”.

Relationships: My most important relationships get my best attention

‘Relationships are the heart of happiness’. Love and happiness go hand in hand, there’s no difference, in order for us to feel complete happiness we must prioritise and nurture our important relationships in our everyday lives.

‘Social research has found “rich and satisfying relationships” are the only external factors that will move your happiness score from “quite happy” to “very happy.” Often our lives become so busy, we fail to give those closet to us the attention and love they deserve. All relationships take work, it’s important we learn to identify those relationships like with our partners, family and friends and provide them with all the love and affection. Loving relationships are happy relationships.

Work: I have a strong sense of purpose, and/or I love my work.

Do you often find yourself discussing your lack of enjoyment for your job and working environment? We go to work every day without a sense of joy and love, we are just working to work. Why? When we could choose a career we actually enjoy and reap great satisfaction from. You can increase your happiness through having a sense of purpose in your work, start by identifying what real success means to you, its value and how you could start to enjoy yourself more in a working environment.

The more you enjoy important aspects of your life such as your work, the more likely you are to find more happiness within. To have a purpose and feel like you’re making a significant contribution is a satisfying feeling and is what we are all searching for. 

Attitude: I choose my attitude most of the time

You may wake up in the morning with a mindset to have the right/positive attitude and outlook on your day ahead. You are then choosing your attitude from the get-go, leaving yourself no other choice. Choice is a powerful thing, and knowing you have the choice is vital.

Set out with the intention to choose the right attitude, even if the thought of a difficult situation may test you, find a way to overcome those thoughts by turning it around and deciding on a set attitude that you apply.

Gratitude: I appreciate my life as it happens

Gratitude can mean different things for many people. It comes in the form of appreciation for life’s gifts, value perception and your attitude for living in the present. It may just be you taking the time to appreciate a small moment, that you are truly thankful for like sharing an embrace with a family member. 

‘The real gift of gratitude is the more grateful you are, the more present you become.’

Allow yourself to live in the moment, appreciate the small moments as well the as grander moments in life. You may not know it yet, but it may very well be the smaller moments that you look back on later in life and appreciate the most. Tell someone close to you how you feel about them and that you are grateful to call them a friend.

Forgiveness: I am good at letting go of past hurts and disappointments

We have all at one stage or another in our lives been hurt and felt disappointed, and depending on how bad the feel is, often can be quite difficult to let go of. Those feelings can linger, which is why it’s important to let go what you can’t control, leave the anguish in the past and move into the future to happier times. The more you can be a self-advocator for forgiveness the happier you will be in the present and moving forward.

Humour: I know how to have fun, and I do

Some are naturally built to see the funny side of things, others not so much. So how do we teach ourselves to have fun? Well, different things work for different people, but if we learn to be not so serious and become more spontaneous we will naturally begin to feel more free and more likely to enjoy the moment.

Do more things that make you laugh and enjoy life. Understand those triggers that will encourage you to feel positive and laugh at situations you can’t control.

Health: Look at myself and take care of my well-being

When we make a conscious effort to look after ourselves and our overall health, it puts us in a good mind frame and can often make us feel happier and more satisfied. You won’t find happiness within if you neglect yourself. How you feel from the inside out has a huge impact on your attitude and overall health. Listen to your body and mind, do what you need too in order to be the best, healthiest you, remember only can action this, it starts and ends with you. Ask yourself what you need? What changes do you need to make? Treat yourself right!

Spirituality: I know what inspires me, supports me and gives me strength

You may not be a spiritual person, but listening and refocusing your mind can be very powerful. A strong spiritual faith helps you to connect to what is real, to what is here now and to what has already been given to you.

There are many forms of spirituality, yoga, meditation, pray, tai chi, one may resonate better with you, always remember you have choices, make choices that you feel are right for you. Find your center, find your strength, be at peace with yourself firstly- how you do this is an individual decision.

Now: Believe happiness is a way of traveling

The road to happiness in all its forms is a journey, you have a starting point and ultimately a point you want to get too, you have to believe in your own individual journey. Own the present, be consumed in taking each day as it comes. Your happiness increases the more you start to direct your thought process and live in the now.

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