Connect with peers and experts

Create your own medically-specific profile on a medically-specific platform.

Highlight your qualifications, specialty and areas of special interest, practice location and consulting hours, areas of medical research and more.

Then build out your professional network, expand your referral pathways, and stay informed of important things happening within the community.

Join or create collaboration groups

Join one of praxhub’s growing number of special interest groups to collaborate with peers and industry experts.

The groups feature is specifically designed to support collaboration and information sharing between doctors. Members of a group can, with one click, view what the group is about, see the credentials and professional details of other group members, and share ideas and information including videos, images and documents.

And, if you cannot find the group you’re after, simply create a group of your own and invite people to join.

Earn and record CPD points

It’s never been easier than doing it here.

Access praxhub’s growing library of CPD-accredited videos and learning modules to expand your knowledge and earn CPD points. Simply complete any CPD-accredited activity and the corresponding number of points will be automatically recorded against your profile. A transcript of all CPD activity can be downloaded at any time.

For RACGP members, praxhub’s library includes both Category 1 and Category 2 QI & CPD activities. Simply complete a CPD-accredited activity with praxhub and your points will be lodged directly with the RACGP by the activity provider.

It’s information, in your hand, in real time. And it’s here.

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