A GP’s Guide To Lipoedema & How To Differentiate From Lymphoedema


Lipoedema, is a painful hereditary disorder, typically it leads to a pattern of adipose tissue (fat) accumulation from the hips to the ankles, arms and often other parts of the body.

Current estimates are that 11% of Australia women are affected by Lipoedema and many are unaware that they have the condition.

Dr Ramin Shayan, Director of the O’Brien Institute in Melbourne, explains what is lipoedema, the causes and clinical presentations of lipoedema, how to diagnose, when to refer and treatment options.  He also discusses how to differentiate from lymphoedema.

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  • Presenter(s):Dr Ramin Shayan
  • Host:O'Brien Institute | St Vincent's Institute for Medical Research
  • Duration:23.01min

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