Abnormal LFT And Cirrhosis

Abnormal LFT and cirrhosis


Liver function tests (LFTs) are a panel of blood markers used to assess and monitor several diseases. However, they are not all true tests of liver function and abnormalities may not reflect liver disease. Primary care physicians play a key role in early identification of risk factors, in the management of patients for improving quality and length of life, and for preventing complications. Specialists, by contrast, should guide specific treatments, especially in the case of complications and for selecting patient candidates for liver transplantation. An integrated approach between specialists and primary care physicians is essential for providing better outcomes and appropriate home care for patients with liver cirrhosis.


  1. Identify common causes of abnormal LFTs including drug induced hepatotoxicity using a diagnostic approach
  2. Determine diagnosis of advanced liver disease- and picking the early signs of cirrhosis
  3. Determine best management of cirrhotic patients including the “do’s and don’ts” in a general practice setting
Abnormal LFT and cirrhosis
  • Presenter(s):Dilip Ratnam
  • Host:Cabrini
  • Duration:59.56
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