Anorectal Conditions

Anorectal conditions


Every year, about 400 people are diagnosed with anal cancer in Australia. The number of people diagnosed with anal cancer is increasing, with three times more cases in 2011 than in 1984. Anorectal problems are frequent presentations in the general practice setting. Symptoms tend to be a combination of one or more of pain, lumps, bleeding, discharge or itch.  Taking the history helps with the differential diagnosis. Any complaint of `haemorrhoids is a concern. No patient directs their doctor’s attention lightly to such an embarrassing area. The general practitioner understands that perianal symptoms can be due to anything from a haemorrhoid causing mucus leakage, excoriation and pruritus, to a malignant melanoma of the anal canal. The perianal skin may be the place where a systemic disease such as diabetes, psoriasis or candidiasis first appears. Sexually transmitted diseases need to be considered as does pin worm, Inflammatory bowel disease, incontinence and irritable bowel syndrome.


  1. Outline the importance of making a rapid assessment of the condition and optimise early diagnosis strategies for patient safety
  2. Examine the common diagnostic pitfalls and how to avoid them
  3. Assess when to refer to a specialist when treating complex cases
Anorectal conditions
  • Presenter(s):Paul Sitzler
  • Host:Cabrini
  • Duration:40.16 mins
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