Back Pain Management: Understanding Pain And Structured Management Options

Back Pain Management- understanding pain and structured management options


The appropriate management for non-specific back pain may include education, non-pharmacological therapies, pharmacological therapies, and the management of confounding psychosocial stressors. Lack of time, understanding, and clinician confidence can mean that these strategies are under-utilised.
Providing guidance on rational prescribing in lower back pain patients, and an understanding of how both pain and drugs work, empowers GPs to successfully manage their patients. This activity aims to provide an overview for GPs of pain and the factors influencing its severity and persistence, as well as tools for assessment, red flags for investigation and referral, and the benefits and risks of different management approaches.


  1. Describe factors associated with pain severity and persistence
  2. Outline the main pharmaceutical agents used in back pain management, and the benefits and risks of their use.
  3. Identify “red flags” that may indicate that imaging or referral to a specialist is required
Back Pain Management- understanding pain and structured management options
  • Presenter(s):Malcolm Hogg
  • Host:The Royal Melbourne Hospital / NWMPHN
  • Duration:56.15 min
  • Activity ID:134515
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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