An Inter-Disciplinary Approach To Managing Back Pain Lifting Injury

Back Pain


Low back pain is a common and costly condition in Australia. Approximately 25% of Australians suffer from low back pain and about half of those seek care. Low back pain contributes significantly to morbidity. The clinical assessment should include a triage approach to identify the small number of patients with serious disease. Management should begin with advice and simple analgesics, with assessment of need for imaging and surgery when justified, and interdisciplinary care. Effective management at the general practice level can help limit pain, maximise function and optimise quality of life, and the lack of alignment of clinical practice to guidelines suggests a need for improved training in this area.



  1. Describe the main differential diagnosis to consider when assessing lower back pain
  2. Outline the key components of a comprehensive medication plan, including management of flares
  3. Discuss a systematic approach for assessment of an appropriate candidate for surgery
Back Pain
  • Presenter(s):Paul Licina
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