Consultation Communication Skills

consultation communication skills


In a well-known study by Beckman and Frankel (1984) it was found that only 23% of doctor consultations allowed the patient to complete their opening statement of concerns in its entirety. The average time to interruption was 18 seconds. Effective patient-doctor communication is essential to patient safety.


  1. Identify common language/cultural pitfalls
  2. Demonstrate effective patient-doctor communication
  3. Apply a consultation framework based on effective patient-doctor communication to ensure patient safety
  4. Explain how poor communication skills affect patient outcomes
consultation communication skills
  • Presenter(s):Adj Prof Paresh Dawda
  • Host:13SICK National Home Doctor
  • Duration:2.01.27 hrs
  • Activity ID:137242
  • QI&CPD Points:4
  • Provider:13SICK National Home Doctors

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