Cuff Repair And Shoulder Replacement

Cuff repair & shoulder replacement


GPs are generally the first port of call in the Australian healthcare system.

Problem/s managed by GPs may (at times) be limited to the level of a presenting symptom. At each patient encounter, up to four problems could be recorded by the GP. The range of problems managed at the encounter often crosses multiple body systems and may include undiagnosed symptoms, psychosocial problems or chronic disease, which makes the designation of a principal diagnosis difficult.


  1. Explain shoulder anatomy and biomechanics
  2. Implement a care path for people with shoulder dysfunction
  3. Identify criteria for specialist referral
Cuff repair & shoulder replacement
  • Presenter(s):Devinder Garewal
  • Host:Warringal Private
  • Duration:47.54 min
  • Activity ID:151569
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:Ramsay Health Care

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