Dermatology For GPs: An Update On Hyperhidrosis

Dermatology for GPs: An update on hyperhidrosis


Dermatological presentations to GPs are common, with consultations for dermatitis/allergy occurring with 1.6 patients per 100. Almost as frequent are consultations for malignant neoplasm of skin (1.3/100 patients) and solar keratosis (1.2/100 patients), with the general practitioner’s initial diagnosis and management playing a critical role to the patient’s dermatological outcome.

Not only can dermatological conditions require urgent care, some conditions may lead to significant emotional or psychological impact due to changes in appearance. Hyperhidrosis patients often report embarrassment and frustration with GP management, despite numerous advances in treatment now available with specialist support.

This activity aims to update GPs with clinical and practical information to aid them in the assessment and management of patients with hyperhidrosis.


  1. Identify features of primary and secondary hyperhidrosis, and when further investigation is necessary
  2. Discuss the psychological impact of hyperhidrosis on affected patients
  3. List appropriate non-prescription, prescription, injectable and procedural therapies for hyperhidrosis treatment
Dermatology for GPs: An update on hyperhidrosis
  • Presenter(s):Harriet Sara Cheng
  • Host:Skin Specialist Centre
  • Duration:18.34 min
  • Activity ID:The activity is accredited for RNZCGP members
  • QI&CPD Points:0.33
  • Provider:praxhub

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