Emergencies in Women’s Health

Emergencies in Womens Health


Responsibility for a woman’s care is shared, including ordering investigations and the communication and management of investigations, results and any abnormal findings. The purpose of antenatal care is early detection of problems that require additional support. Providers of maternity care should be aware of what facilities and which practitioners can be accessed so as to ensure these complications are managed appropriately to ensure the best possible outcome for mother and baby, and also which presentations need to be escalated to emergency services.

This activity may contribute to reaccreditation requirements for RACGP accredited pregnancy-related education for shared maternity care affiliates reapplying in 2020 to 2022.


  1. Outline common causes and management for pain and bleeding in early pregnancy including ectopics, retained products and miscarriage management.
  2. Outline management of abnormal screening results and other medical presentations in pregnancy.
  3. List causes for presentations with pelvic pain and menorrhagia, and outline which presentations are best managed by referral to the emergency department.
  4. List services available at MHW, how to access, and how to expedite referrals, (for eg Pregnancy Day Assessment Clinic, Genetics, Imaging).
Emergencies in Womens Health
  • Presenter(s):Bernadette White
    Carol Vance
    Lisa Rasmussen
  • Host:Mercy Hospital For Women
  • Duration:1.28.34min
  • Activity ID:108178
  • QI&CPD Points:3
  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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