GPs Guide On 7 Neurological Conditions

GPs Guide on 7 Neurological Conditions


Neurological presentation to general practice is common. Frequently disabling and chronic, neurological disorders are often referred on to neurologists; similar symptoms across different disorders make differential diagnoses challenging in general practice. The ageing population in Australia means that these disorders are likely to increase in prevalence. However, the number of neurologists in Australia is comparatively low at 530 (source: ANZAN), serving a population of 24 million. On the other hand, there are approximately 30,000 general practitioners in Australia. Understanding the essentials of differential diagnoses across a number of common neurological conditions, and undertaking to conduct appropriate preliminary assessments while considering referral to a neurologist or waiting for a neurologist appointment can expedite the patient’s progress to early diagnosis and optimal treatment. In contrast, being alert to red flags can ensure a patient is given urgent treatment.


  1. Apply the essentials of differential diagnoses across seven selected neurological conditions
  2. Coordinate initial and appropriate assessments as part of the the diagnostic process with respect to these selected neurological conditions
  3. Delineate among the following: wait and see, refer to neurologist, seek urgent treatment.
GPs Guide on 7 Neurological Conditions
  • Presenter(s):Prof Mark Cook
    A/Prof Wendyl D'Souza
    A/Prof Michael Murphy
    Neil Shuey
    Lauren Sanders
    Jordan Kamel
    David Szmulewicz
  • Host:St Vincent's Public Hospital, Melbourne
  • Duration:1.27.23 min
  • Activity ID:79945
  • QI&CPD Points:3
  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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