Hepatitis B In Primary Care – Your Questions Answered

Hepatitis B in Primary Care – Your questions answered


There are an estimated 57,000 Victorians currently living with hepatitis B. Almost half of these Victorians do not know they have the disease, and of those who do, only a small number are in treatment. Early detection and treatment are vital: once hepatitis B develops into a chronic condition it cannot be cured, and can lead to liver damage and liver cancer.

Victoria has shown a marked increase in testing over recent years. However, some of the populations most at risk of either contracting hepatitis B, or developing hepatitis B-related liver cancer, are not being screened. Although highly effective treatments are available, levels of uptake for testing, treatment and monitoring remain low. A large majority of affected Australians do not receive regular care for their chronic hepatitis B infection (CHB).

The main topics covered in the session will aim to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence for GPs to effectively screen, treat and manage Hepatitis C in their General Practice and encourage them to consider becoming HBV s100 prescribers.

Hepatitis B in Primary Care – Your questions answered
  • Presenter(s):Prof Alex Thompson
  • Host:VHHITAL
  • Duration:45.11 min
  • Activity ID:161412
  • QI&CPD Points:1
  • Provider:Melbourne Primary Care Network

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