Hip And Knee Replacements – An Update

Hip and knee replacements - an update


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a highly prevalent, disabling and costly condition that affects 1.9 million or one in 12 Australians. Osteoarthritis is among the most commonly managed conditions in general practice. In 2015–16, 2.9 of every 100 GP–patient encounters were for the management of osteoarthritis—about 3.6 million GP encounters. This has not changed since 2006–07.

For optimal results, management of OA requires multiple therapies and an individualised approach. The Australian Osteoarthritis of the knee clinical care standard states:  A patient with knee osteoarthritis receives planned clinical reviews at agreed intervals, and management of the condition is adjusted for any changing needs.  A patient with knee osteoarthritis who is not responding to conservative management is offered timely joint-conserving or joint replacement surgery, depending on their fitness for surgery and preferences.


  1. Define preoperative evaluation of knee & hip arthritis and indicators for surgery
  2. Recognise different approaches to hip & knee replacement surgery
  3. Describe expected post-operative recovery and rehabilitation
Hip and knee replacements - an update
  • Presenter(s):Chris Jones
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