Let’s Talk About Back Pain

Let's talk about back pain


There is a growing consensus that psychosocial factors, known as “yellow flags” play an important role at early stages of lower back pain, and clinicians should focus on assessing these factors and addressing them. Communication processes between the patient and GP can be critical in providing reassurance and explaining causes of pain. It is important that this opportunity is used to positively influence attitudes and beliefs.
This activity provides an update for GPs on models of pain, yellow flags, and patient communication around pain.


  1. Identify factors that may amplify pain, beyond the nociceptive stimulus itself
  2. List some examples of helpful and detrimental phrases used when describing back pain
  3. Develop examples for patient communication to explain why the mismatch between tissue damage and the experience of pain occurs
Let's talk about back pain
  • Presenter(s):Adam de Grucy
  • Host:The Royal Melbourne Hospital / NWMPHN
  • Duration:50.24 min
  • Activity ID:134517
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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