Ligament And Tendon Problems In Ankles And Feet

Ligament and tendon problems in ankles and feet


Our feet and ankles are incredibly complex structures. In fact, did you know the human foot has 26 bones – a quarter of all the bones in our body! It is also made up of 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, not to mention a sophisticated network of blood vessels and nerves.

Ankle sprain, one of the more common injuries that primary care physicians evaluate, is usually managed with conservative treatment. Not uncommonly, however, lateral ankle sprain is diagnosed without consideration of a broader differential diagnosis.

Most soft tissue injuries take a few weeks to heal, depending on the severity of the sprain or strain, any subsequent injuries or issues such as weakness, stiffness, poor balance or function, and the general health of the person. It is important to get the correct treatment as soon after the injury as possible to help rapid recovery. Overall in general practice presentations, acute and overuse mid-foot conditions may not be encountered frequently. Unfamiliarity arising from infrequent presentations adds to management difficulties in the primary care setting. Delay in diagnosis has a potentially adverse impact on outcome.


  1. Identify key principles of ankle and foot tendon injuries with a particular focus on diagnosis and management.
  2. Identify common ligament injuries of the ankle
  3. Formulate a safe management plan for the “sprained” ankle.
Ligament and tendon problems in ankles and feet
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