Managing Migraine in General Practice

Managing Migraine in General Practice


The Program has been designed to support practitioners with the challenges associated with diagnosing, managing and treating patients with migraine. It has been designed as a case-based learning activity with interactive components to test your learning throughout.


  1. Formulate a more accurate diagnosis of both vestibular migraine and new migraine symptoms through:
    • an improved understanding of the neurological causes
    • identification of the typical and non-typical symptoms; and
    • distinguishing migraine from its differential diagnoses.
  2. Refine a framework for identifying medication overuse headache as a separate entity to migraine.
  3. Explain the investigative options available to support a diagnosis of migraine.
  4. Increase understanding of the management and treatments available, including prophylactic and abortive treatments and non-pharmacological options.
  5. Identify when to refer; and recognise the referral pathways that are available in caring for patients suffering from migraine.


This educational activity has been endorsed under the auspices of the Australian and New Zealand Headache Society.

Managing Migraine in General Practice
  • Presenter(s):Lauren Sanders
    Anita Muñoz
  • Host:praxhub
  • Duration:1 hour
  • Activity ID:191881 (RACGP)
  • QI&CPD Points:2 Points
  • Provider:praxhub

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