Medicinal Cannabis In Clinical Practice


Dr Danial Schecter, Director of Global Medical Services for Canopy Growth, provides a comprehensive update on the pharmacology, clinical evidence and other information on medicinal cannabis for physicians and pharmacists. Recorded in Melbourne, Victoria in October 2019.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has issued multiple statements, reports and guidelines pertaining the prescription of medicinal cannabis. The evidence indicates that:

  • 60% of GPs have been asked about medicinal cannabis by patients1;
  • There is a societal, media-driven and political expectation that GPs understand the role of medicinal cannabis in treating certain conditions2;
  • As specialists practitioners, GPs should be able to prescribe cannabis-based products to appropriate patients, should they choose to do so3;
  • As evidence remains lacking, the College does not recommend cannabis as a treatment option but will update its position statement as new evidence emerges3;
  • The College does support a simplified framework for legal and regulatory requirements around prescribing4;
  • Australian GPs are in support of the use of cannabis-based products for appropriately selected patients, but cite lack of education as the most significant barrier to use1,2;


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  1. Define the pharmacotherapeutic properties of medicinal cannabis
  2. Be aware of the levels of evidence currently known regarding medicinal cannabis use
  3. Identify populations for whom medicinal cannabis may be beneficial and who should not be using medicinal cannabis due to known risks
  4. Explain the steps for prescribing medicinal cannabis via the Special Access Scheme
  • Presenter(s):Danial Schecter
  • Host:Spectrum Therapeutics
  • Duration:1:16:02
  • Activity ID:176535
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:praxhub

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