Osteoporosis – An Update

Osteoporosis - an update


Nearly two million Australians (approximately 10% of the population) currently have an osteoporosis-related condition, and three quarters of these are women. Osteoporosis is a condition that results in loss of bone strength, making bones more fragile and more prone to fracture. Evidence shows that timely diagnosis and appropriate pharmacological management reduces fracture rates. However, osteoporosis remains significantly under-diagnosed and inadequately managed in Australia. Less than 20% of patients presenting to healthcare services with minimal trauma fractures are investigated or treated for osteoporosis.

In general practice, early detection can prevent a first fracture. For patients who have already fractured, investigation and initiation of osteoporosis medication is crucial to reduce the very high risk of subsequent fractures. People with risk factors for osteoporosis need to talk to their doctor about a bone density test.


  1. Optimise choice of anti-osteoporosis therapies and follow-up of patients on these treatments
  2. Recognise the risks of jaw osteonecrosis and atypical femoral fractures
  3. Recognise how to manage patients after their initial course of anti-osteoporosis therapy
Osteoporosis - an update
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