Palliative Care: Supporting Patients And GPs In End Of Life Care

Palliative care: supporting patients and GPs in end of life care


The community sector is increasingly caring for people at home rather than in hospital, and GPs often coordinate sometimes fragmented and competing community services and advocate on behalf of patients, their families and carers for community-based palliative care. In 2002, of the approximate 134,000 deaths that occurred in Australia, about 64,000 (almost 50%) of patients would have been cared for by a GP several times during their last 12 months of life. Many GPs have identified that they require further education in the skills that underpin the practice of palliative care, such as communication skills, symptom control and management skills, and self-care skills for dealing with ‘death and dying’.


  1. Describe the value and efficacy of early referral to palliative care services in end of life care.
  2. Describe current inpatient and community palliative care services and how to refer to them.
  3. Outline the aspects of end of life care provided by Palliative Care services
  4. Use hospital guidelines and HealthPathways Melbourne to navigate management and referral.
Palliative care: supporting patients and GPs in end of life care
  • Presenter(s):Peter Sherwen
  • Host:St Vincent's Hospital (Public)
  • Duration:49.58 min
  • Activity ID:161775
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:praxhub

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