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Pain Management


The burden of pain in Australia is significant so it is an area of healthcare that all general practitioners (GPs) need to understand and maintain current knowledge. It is estimated that almost one in five adult Australians report current chronic pain. Pain management is said to be frequently inadequate for individuals with acute, chronic and palliative pain, with consequent detrimental impacts on quality of life. The HealthPathways Melbourne website can assist GPs with the management and referral of patients experiencing back pain, so increasing GPs’ awareness will assist them to manage their patients.


  1. Discuss the pros and cons of early imaging of patients with spinal pain.
  2. Describe psychological features of patient past history which predispose to chronic pain syndromes.
  3. Discuss the components of a pain management approach.
  4. Describe the risks and efficacy of opiates in chronic pain and the use of the FPM Opioid app for deprescribing.
Pain Management
  • Presenter(s):Harry Eeman
  • Host:St Vincent's Hospital (Public)
  • Duration:1.01.13min
  • Activity ID:131165
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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