Psychological Medicine – Approaches To Personalised Patient Care


Incorporating specific psychological treatments into general practice is based on a sound public health rationale. Although expanding access to specialist mental healthcare providers is essential, the need for psychological treatments could never, and should not, be met entirely by these professionals. GPs see most patients with common mental health problems, particularly those who are actively seeking medical or psychological care. Unfortunately, few patients receive the counselling that is likely to benefit their condition, or that they feel they need, from their GP. Of course, GPs already provide support, listening and common sense as part of usual clinical care. When combined with other specific treatments, such as appropriate antidepressant medication, this alone may have substantial population benefits.


  1. Discuss the rationale for personalised / precision medicine in psychological medicine
  2. Examine current use of Pharmacogenomics and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in psychological medicine
  3. Assess case studies – interactive discussion of role of personalised medicine assisting complex patient care
  • Presenter(s):Joel Aizenstros
  • Host:Cabrini
  • Duration:1.00.11 hr
  • Activity ID:191279
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:Cabrini

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