Shared Maternity Care Annual Workshop 2017

Shared Maternity Care Annual Workshop 2017


The Shared Maternity Care Collaborative Annual Workshop provides a clinical refresher for shared maternity care affiliates to increase and update their knowledge on caring for women experiencing low-risk healthy pregnancies.


  1. Recognise fetus that are small for gestational age, and assess risk factors for fetal growth restrictions
  2. Provide recommendations regarding screening, diagnosis and management, including fetal monitoring
  3. Define clinical classification of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
  4. Develop a systematic approach for the management of women with hypertensive disorders
  5. Assess and manage common problems in postnatal care in the primary care setting and identify when to refer to the collaborative hospital
Shared Maternity Care Annual Workshop 2017
  • Presenter(s):Dr Arzoo Khalid
    Dr Liz McCarthy
    Dr Owen Stock
    Assoc Prof Vinay Rane
    Dr Christine Sammartino
    Dr Angela Rutherford
  • Host:Northern Health
  • Duration:2.45.11min
  • Activity ID:123319
  • QI&CPD Points:5
  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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