Solar radiation, which includes infrared, visible and ultraviolet light, is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun.  It is essential to the existence of life on Earth, but is also causative in the effects of many of the pathologies to the human skin.

Healthcare professionals, who are at the initial point of contact with patients seeking to prevent the impact sun damage to the skin need to understand how solar radiation biologically impacts the human skin and the types of UV filters that can be applied to minimise the sun’s harmful effects.


The learning outcomes of this course are as follows:

  1. Describe the types of UV radiation and their biological impacts on the skin
  2. Describe the process for the production of vitamin D by the skin and the recommended exposure to solar radiation for sufficient synthesis of vitamin D
  3. Identify the common skin disorders aggravated or induced by sun exposure
  4. Recognise the important properties of a sunscreen to enable appropriate recommendations to customers
  • Presenter(s):Dr Ryan De Cruz
  • Host:La Roche-Posay

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