The Low Back Pain Epidemic: Common Back Pain Syndromes And Their Management

The low back pain epidemic: common back pain syndromes and their management


The assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries is a significant part of the workload of general practice. General Practitioners play an important role within the Australian healthcare system in the prevention, early detection and management of chronic musculoskeletal diseases. The burden of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions can be reduced through intervention at various points along the disease continuum, including prevention, early diagnosis, prompt initiation of treatment, ongoing management and timely access to surgical interventions such as joint replacement.


  1. Differentiate common back pain syndromes and manage or refer accordingly.
  2. Outline “red flag” presentations of back pain
  3. Outline therapeutic time frames for back pain syndromes.
  4. Explain the triage process for back pain at public hospitals.
  5. Use hospital guidelines and HealthPathways Melbourne to navigate management and referral of patients with low back pain.
The low back pain epidemic: common back pain syndromes and their management
  • Presenter(s):Peter McNeil
    Caitlin Farmer
    Rana Dhillon
  • Host:St Vincent's Hospital (Public)
  • Duration:48.45 min
  • Activity ID:161770
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:praxhub

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