Understanding Biosimilar Medicines


Biologic medicines are becoming a major therapeutic option in many complex disease states, and biosimilar medicines provide patients, clinicians, pharmacists and payers with choice when considering treatment options. This module provides an overview of the biosimilar landscape in Australia today.

This activity will take approximately one (1) hour to complete.  It has been divided into sections with the following topics:

  • Biological and biosimilar medicines (10 minutes)
  • Therapeutic equivalence of biosimilar medicines (5 minutes)
  • Clinical experience with biosimilar medicines (10 minutes)
  • Contributing to a sustainable healthcare system in Australia (5 minutes)
  • Biosimilar medicines in practice (15 minutes)
  • Patient counselling – the role of the pharmacist (5 minutes)
  • Assessment (10 minutes)
  • Evaluation of activity (5 minutes)


  • Explain how biosimilar medicines contribute to the sustainability of the Australian healthcare system
  • Outline the clinical development and regulatory processes required prior to approval of biosimilar medicines
  • Explain to patients what a biosimilar medicine is, why it is different to a generic medicine, and their therapeutic equivalence to the reference biological product
  • Define the criteria that must be met in order to substitute a PBS- subsidised reference biological for a biosimilar medicine


Doctors – search for “GBMA” when logged in to praxhub.

  • Presenter(s):Prof Brendan Murphy
    Prof Paul Bird
    A/Prof Andrew Östör
    Barry Jenkins
    David Ford
    Lena Thin
    Simon Ghaly

  • Host:GBMA
  • Provider:praxhub


This education has also been made available for pharmacists, here:


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