Update On The Newer Diabetic Medicines

Update on the newer diabetic medicines


More than one million people have type 2 diabetes in Australia, the majority of whom receive their medical care in general practice. There are guidelines available to assist general practitioners (GPs) in making evidence based decisions about management to assist people with diabetes to optimise blood glucose levels and hence reduce their risk about developing complications of this condition.
General practice has the central role in type 2 diabetes management across the spectrum, from identifying those at risk right through to caring for patients at the end of life. It is important that GP’s are up to date with the latest medications available to manage this growing chronic condition.


  1. Evaluate the role of newer medications for managing type 2 diabetes
  2. Identify adverse events and risks associated with the newer medications
  3. Examine the role of technology in monitoring glucose in type 2 diabetes
Update on the newer diabetic medicines
  • Presenter(s):Kavita Kumareswaran
  • Host:Cabrini
  • Duration:58.29 min
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