Vision Loss, The Impact, And What You Can Do

Vision loss, the impact, and what you can do.


Sudden onset hearing loss is an alarming symptom, and potentially a medical emergency, depending on the cause. Likewise, sudden vision loss may require urgent ophthalmic assessment, with diagnosis and management requiring the judicious use of a wide range of serological and imaging investigations to guide appropriate treatment and referral.

GPs have an important role in managing patients presenting to them, for testing and assessment, and in determining referral needs. As such, they need to be regularly updated in techniques for diagnosis, referral pathways, and management.


  1. List the elements to include in a comprehensive ocular and medical history as part of the diagnostic assessment
  2. List the various tests that may be done as part of an ocular examination for visual acuity, colour vision, visual fields to confrontation, and pupillary reaction
  3. Describe the management of sudden loss of vision, based on the different potential differential diagnoses
  4. Recognise and list the conditions requiring urgent referral
Vision loss, the impact, and what you can do.
  • Presenter(s):Anita Egan
  • Host:Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  • Duration:30.52
  • Activity ID:110645
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  • Provider:Lateral Connections

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