What Is Medicinal Cannabis?


This education provides background information for doctors who are interested in understanding medicinal cannabis products for particular conditions. It is important to ensure that patients have accurate information to avoid or minimise the risks that can arise when using medicinal cannabis; this is especially important to patients who are new to cannabis. Although medicinal cannabis treatment may help one condition or symptom, this does not mean it will have benefits for other conditions or to other individuals, even when using the same product and the same does.


  1. Define the pharmacotherapeutic properties of medicinal cannabis
  2. Summarise the side effects, contraindications and precautions relating to medicinal cannabis
  3. Understand the levels of evidence currently known regarding medicinal cannabis use
  4. Identify populations for whom medical cannabis may be beneficial and those who should not use medicinal cannabis due to known risks
  5. Provide advice about medicinal cannabis considerations including consumption with alcohol, driving restrictions, consumption in public places and travel
  • Presenter(s):Anita Muñoz
  • Host:Spectrum Therapeutics
  • Activity ID:169850
  • QI&CPD Points:2
  • Provider:praxhub

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