Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is praxhub free to join?

    Yes.  praxhub is a free platform for Australian and New Zealand medical practitioners with a registered AHPRA/MCNZ number and Australian and New Zealand medical students enrolled at an approved university with a valid form of student identification.

  • Who can join praxhub?

    praxhub is an online community for Australian and New Zealand medical practitioners with a registered AHPRA/MCNZ number and Australian and New Zealand medical students enrolled at an approved university with a valid form of student identification.  All details provided by members through the registration process are separately validated to ensure the praxhub community is exclusive to doctors and medical students.

  • I work in a hospital and cannot access praxhub from my computer

    Hospitals often have very high levels of IT security, which prohibits access to a range of external websites.  Typically, praxhub can still be accessed within a hospital using a phone or tablet with a connection to mobile data.

  • If praxhub is free for doctors and medical students, how does praxhub make money?

    praxhub makes money through the contributions made by third parties to education and other content. Doctors and medical students rely on a broad range of resources to perform effectively.  Third parties pay praxhub to host their resources on the platform and be made available to praxhub members.

  • Is praxhub full of advertising?

    No.  To maximise the experience of praxhub members, the platform does not contain any “banner” or “screen takeover” advertising.  From time to time, members may receive inbox notifications of new events, CPD activities, interest groups and company pages.  At any time, registered members can increase or decrease the level of notifications by adjusting their privacy and notification settings

  • If I provide my contact details, will my email inbox be flooded with notifications?

    Registered members can adjust the level of praxhub notifications that they receive.  Members can increase the number of notifications to stay informed of a broad range of activities, including messages from other members, the availability of a new CPD video, interest group or company page.  Members can also reduce the number of notifications, or turn them off entirely.

  • I can see that some praxhub member’s profile information is publicly available. Can I hide my profile from public view?

    Yes.  The default public view of a praxhub member’s profile is information, which is in the public domain.  It is made available to assist doctors be found and connect, outside of the praxhub platform.  Registered members adjust their privacy settings to remove their profile from being publicly searchable

  • Can patients and other non-registered members contact me through praxhub?

    No. praxhub is an exclusive online community for Australian and New Zealand doctors with a registered AHPRA/MCNZ number and medical students with a valid student identification.  None of a member’s contact information is made available through the public view, unless manually configured to be made available through the member’s privacy settings

  • What does praxhub do with my personal information?

    praxhub is bound by and complies with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  For more information on praxhub’s collection, use and storage of your personal information, see praxhub’s Privacy Policy

  • Does praxhub moderate or monitor conversations between members?

    No. praxhub is a platform that is designed to enable conversations and content sharing between members.  The praxhub team does not actively monitor or moderate those conversations between members.

    All praxhub members and companies, through the registration process, agree to the Terms of Use.  If a member experiences or suspects another member or company has failed to comply with the Terms of Use, that member can use the system tools to lodge a report to the praxhub team, who will initiate an investigation within 24 hours.

  • What can I do if I see another member posting clinically, morally or ethically questionable content?

    praxhub respects and, where appropriate, encourages the diversity of members’ opinions.  Members who strongly disagree with the opinions expressed by other members have the option of deleting that opinion from their Activity Feed, blocking that member to stop receiving future content or, in more severe cases, report that member to the praxhub team at

  • I have attempted to join praxhub and have not received a registration email

    Registration emails are generated by the praxhub system and may be blocked by your email server or re-directed to a SPAM or Junk folder.

    Try entering your email address again.  If a registration email has not been received within 1 minute, check your email SPAM or Junk folder and, if not found, contact your email administrator for support.

  • What technical support does praxhub offer to members?

    If a member is experiencing technical issues with the use of the platform, a request for support can be lodged with and a member of the team will respond within 48 hours.

  • Will praxhub be made available as a mobile application for smartphone or tablet?

    Yes.  praxhub will be release in early 2018 as a mobile application for Apple (iOS) and Android phones.  The Apps will contain some exciting new functions to make connecting, collaborating and tracking CPD points a whole lot easier!

  • I have a question that has not been answered in these FAQs. Where can I get further help?

    If your question has not been answered by these FAQs, please contact the praxhub team at for a response within 48 hours.

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