Rob Beveridge

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rob co-founded praxhub in early 2014 alongside long-time friend, Steve Snow.

With early designs on a medical career, Rob graduated with a B.BiomedSci (Hons) from James Cook University. However, research and clinical work were quickly overtaken by the appeal of the faster-moving commercial channel in healthcare. Starting as a GP sales representative, Rob gained significant experience with GP, specialist and pharmacist engagement in his 10-year journey through various positions across the pharmaceutical industry.

More recently, Rob has provided strategic and management advice to many multinational healthcare organisations. Through these projects, it became increasingly evident that the current communication options between healthcare stakeholders could be done more efficiently, more affordably, and with more control and security.

The vision of praxhub is to connect healthcare, and Rob believes this is just the start of the road for praxhub.

Rob appreciates the support of all doctors, partners and investors who have backed praxhub’s mission to “make doctors’ lives easier”.