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The praxhub Journey

What a journey it’s been… so far!

In a Melbourne laneway, a little over four years, ago the basic premise of praxhub was conceived.  We wanted to create a platform that efficiently connected doctors and made access, to medically-specific and relevant information, easier.  The idea of doctors being more connected, regardless of geography or time limitations, and having unrestricted access to high-quality medical education was an exciting and audacious idea.  We were deeply unsure how to build it or even where to start, but it was worth giving it a try.

After three months and many coffees later, the framework for praxhub was developed.  Analogous platforms, in which members could connect and share information, allowed us to stand on the shoulders of these giants in developing the praxhub infrastructure. From this, we developed a basic prototype, in which doctors were able to register, create a simple (yet medically-specific profile), post content and exchange information.  It was basic, but functional.

For more than 12 months, the prototype was tested with feedback from many doctors and industry experts being incorporated back into development.  Over this period, refinements were made to understand the requirements needed to develop the launch version of praxhub.

With much anticipation, from doctors – and especially from us – the praxhub website was launched in October 2016 to become the leading connection, collaboration and CPD education platform for doctors.

In 12 months, praxhub has grown to represent over 35 specialties of medicine who are using the platform to connect with other doctors in their field and across specialties, collaborate in open and closed groups, access and complete CPD-accredited education.

As 2018 fast approaches, praxhub is about to enter a new and very exciting phase.  Early in the New Year, praxhub will be re-launched as a significantly enhanced website and as a native mobile application for iOS and Android.  praxhub will soon be available on the desktop and in the palm of doctors’ hands!

The next generation praxhub will see exciting improvements to the current features, as well as including many new features to make connection, collaboration and access to education even easier.

After four years, the journey is just beginning…

Steve Snow and Rob Beveridge are the co-founders and passionate drivers behind praxhub.

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