Praxhub is
connecting healthcare

Praxhub is bringing together leading education providers to make expert knowledge more accessible and improve patient outcomes.

In 2018, we set out on a path to create a platform that improves the distribution and access to health education.

Traditional channels for the distribution of education have often resulted in inequitable access to knowledge. We created the Praxhub platform to:
  • improve knowledge-sharing between experts and clinicians
  • enable education providers to reach more health professionals with valuable information
  • allow expertise to be accessed conveniently
  • ultimately, improve patient outcomes and healthcare systems

We're for healthcare

Praxhub is a platform for healthcare. Our focus is on connecting leading organisations and experts with a global community of healthcare professionals.

We're just getting started

Already in 165+ countries and delivering thousands of hours of CPD education, at Praxhub, we are just getting started.

Technology is at our core

At our core, we are driven by technology to make learning more engaging and accessible.

Delivering knowledge that will inspire

It is our aim to keep innovating and be at the leading-edge of education delivery to engage and inspire each learner.

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