Connecting healthcare professionals and
industry experts for better health outcomes.

About Praxhub

The Company

Our aim for Praxhub and the commitment of our team is to give all healthcare professionals open access to high quality education from leading content providers and the ability to form connections within and across professions for deeper shared learning.

At Praxhub, we are about developing technology that makes healthcare more connected.

Gone are the days where healthcare is practised in silos. Patient care is often complex, requiring the expertise of multiple professions working together.



We are driven by positive health outcomes that are achieved through a connected community.

We are always looking for new partners to contribute high quality education.

Community Driven

Content Focussed

We are focusing on creating new technologies to make healthcare more connnected.

Technology Led

We develop technology solutions to connect healthcare and work with industry-leading experts
to produce high-quality education.

What We Do

Connecting healthcare professionals and industry experts. 
Here for healthcare.

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