Steve Snow

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Steve co-founded praxhub in 2014 alongside long-time friend, Rob Beveridge.

Steve has a genuine passion for health technology, having worked more than a decade in the industry, and creating new innovations that are an enabler to improving the lives of others.

Starting his career as a lawyer, he has worked predominantly in the healthcare industry providing support to a range of organisations and businesses.  His practice included being an advisor to companies in relation to medical research, clinical trials, hospital and clinic-based projects, NGO initiatives and pharmaceutical company programs.  It was during this time that Steve developed the insights to support the creation of praxhub.

Steve is consistently grateful for the opportunity to be part of an organisation and growing team that has the aim of improving the personal and professional lives of its members.  He is also energised by the amazing things done by the medical community day-in-day-out and being able to provide a platform that supports them in what they do.